Fuzzy Loving Ferrets


A Tribute To Ferret Rescues & Shelters done by the late Mike Janke

This is a very touching and emotional video detcated to all the Ferret Rescues & Shelters around the world.

This video was made by Mike Janke who was devoted to ferrets and their welfare. Sadly Mike died this year (2007) but he memorialized in the video as he appears near the end of the video with his ferret Penny.


Video my friend Lauren Kepler made

This video contains some of my ferrets that I rescued and ferrets rescued by other people.


Wolfy's Autistic son Sean & His ferret Rocky

This is a video that Wolfy made of her son Sean who is Autistic and his ferret Rocky. Pets can be a great asset to helping children with Autism. Some people think ferrets can't be therapy animals, we know better and know that is not true.


Help Legalize Ferrets In California

Here is a link to a special video containing the ferrets in California.



DMK Rescue-Summer of 2007

This is a video of the DMK kids on a ferret farm in Ohio, I believe the largest rescue effort ever carried out. These videos are comprised of pictures taken before the rescue in the winter/spring of 2007 and after the ferrets were rescued in the summer of 2007. Around 600 ferrets were saved by being rescued from this farm and were distributed among many ferret rescues/shelters across the country..





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