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This my baby Noel who was born December 25th, 2002.

Noel was born an only kit to Kaina & Zini. She had always been a tiny girl and when she was little we thought we were going to loose her as she realy wan't growning. From the time she was 3 weeks old I was suplimenting her diet with hand feedings. As time went on she started to grow slowly and by the time she was done growing she only wieghed 1 pound 2 ounces. She was my baby and loved riding on my shoulder, oved to give kisses and loved getting her belly rubbed.

In July of 2007, Noel had Adrenal Surgery as she became very aggressive to the point of drawing blood and was loosing hair on her side. We were using my adrenal serum but unfortunately it didn't do much for her.

I was devistated on October 4th, 2007 when I got home and found that Noel had passed away while I was at work. I actually knew she was gone even before I got home as I felt her kiss me Goodbye while I as at work but didn't want to admit it to mysef. I miss my Cinnamon baby so much and will always keep her in my heart.

Fatty "A Very Special Rescue"

Fatty came to me as a surrender on March 22nd 2008 with his two brothers. His mom lived in a town where ferrets are illegal. He had a huge tumor on the top of his head which was causeing problems with him walking. We started Fatty with physical theropy to keep his legs usable. In the begining he couldn't feed himself so we hand fed him duck soup. After about a week Fatty was able to feed himself and was crawling around our living room. We sceduled surgery for April 4th in hopes of removing his tumor and giving him a better quality of life.I had made Fatty a crash helmet to protect his head & tumor from injury. He looked so cute!

On April 1st I noticed he was having problems again so I told him about the Rainbow Bridge just in case but asked him to PLEASE wait till I get home from work to be able to hold him if he felt it was time to leave us.

On April 2nd Fatty granted me my wish. I came home from work, changed my cloths and brought Fatty downstairs to feed him. He ate his dinner with my help and then wanted down on the floor to explor. I put his left over dinner in the fridge and when I came back into the living room I found Fatty on the side of my dogs bed. When I picked Fatty up he went limp, he was unconcious.

Fatty passed away in my arms at 5:10 pm on April 2nd. I was devistated. I tried mouth to snout and chest compressions to bring him back to no avail.

Fatty was one of those SPECIAL kids that stay with us forever and he will be dearly missed by all. Fly High sweet boy! Mommy Debi & Daddy Keith miss you so much. The ferret community was rooting for you and many tears are falling due to your passing. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!


In Loving Memory of "Fatty"

The angels saw that "Fatty" was getting tired.
And a cure was not to be.
So the angels whispered to "Fatty "and said,
"Come cross over the Rainbow Bridge with Us".
A golden heart stopped beating.
A determined "Fatty" was at rest.
The angels broke our hearts to prove to us.
They only takes the very "Best".

With lots of Michigan love for "Fatty"
From the bottom of our sad little Michigan hearts.

Boris, Axel,
George, Stella, Mariska,
Sassy Sasha and Sensational Samson


"Fatty's greeted at the Rainbow Bridge"

KuddleFerret was dooking around when her Rainbow Cell phone began
ringing. "Hewlo Sir", she said as she answered it. "KuddleFerret, I
need you again". "Oh Jes Sirs. I's here to dos its", she
replied. "You are going to need to find this guys brother from Fuzzy
Loving Lane. Can you do that?" KuddleFerret replied, "Jes Sirs. I's
sures can." And with that, she hung up the phone and went to find
this new one's brother to help her.

"Chewy" said KuddleFerret. "I's knows yous juwst gots heres and I's
needs yours helps welcoming yous brodder Fatty." Chewy was glad to
help out as he was going to see his brother again. Chewy asked Jerry
Springer for some advice on what to do. Jerry told Chewy to try to
gather together Houdini and Sable to help things get put in motion.

Jerry Springer and Houdini went to the great Ball Room to work on
signs and decorations. Chewy and Sable put WELCOME signs over Fatty's
new hammy along with a special nite light, and then headed to the
House of Wings to wait for KuddleFerret to arrive with Fatty.

At the bridge, KuddleFerret found Fatty. "Hey's dere Fatty" she
said, "Welcomes". "Tanks yous, but wheres ams Is?" commented
Fatty. "Yous ares at de Rainbow Bridge and I's here's to greeet yous.
I's KuddleFerret" she told him. "I's hopes yous weren'ts waiting toos
longs Fatty", said KuddleFerret. "Let's goes to da House of Wings to
gets yous special wings and halo." "O-tay" said Fatty as she took his
paw and showed him the way.

When they go to the House of Wings, KuddleFerret opened the large
double doors, Fatty let out some Oooooos and AAAaaahhhhss as he
asked, "where's ares wes? Evewryting is so bweautifuls in heres".
Just then, Chew jumped out behind the doors and yelled, "Supwise
Fatty - Welcomes to da House of Wings where yous get yours wings.
Come on overs heres." So Fatty went over by Chewey. "Dese are comfy"
said Fatty, "and deys mines - wowzers!" Then he felt someone else
placing a shiny halo on his head. "Whos dat" he asked. "Heys Fatty.
I's Sable. I's heres to shows you someting" And then Fatty asked
about his Halo. "What waz dat yous puts on mys head?" Dat waz yous
shinys Halo to goes wit yous wings." My head? It must have been
wreally big and havy for your to put on my head" Fatty replied. "Whys
yous say dat? Deys wight as a feather" exclaimed Sable. Fatty didn't
understand. He remembered he had a tumor on his head and the halo had
to be huge to fit, but didn't ask anymore questions.

KuddleFerret then said, "O-tay gang - dis time to goes to da Misting
pond" as she lead the way, Chewy, Fatty, and Sable walked paw -N-
paw. Fatty had this new tingly sensation that he wanted to stand tall
and run and dook, but he didn't think he could.

They finally made it to the Misting Pond and KuddleFerret instructed
Fatty to look at the reflections in the water. "O-tay" said Fatty. He
was so surprised of what he saw! "O my doodness - whos dat in de
water?" KuddleFerret explained it was him, Fatty. Fatty replied, "O-
my doodness, my head is not as bigs wif da tumors anymores. And I's
can stands talls and walk adain!" Sable explained to Fatty, "Isn't it
vonderful FAtty - Yous sees, when I's cames heres, I's had no furs.
Jes on my feets and some of my face. When you gets heres, yous no
longers looks like yous did over dres. Yous are now back youngs and
helthys. Yous can dos everytings nows." "WOWZERS", Fatty yelled. Then
he gazed back into the pond as KuddleFerret swished the water around.
Fatty now saw his two mommys, Mommy Darcy and Mommy Debi. "Oooosss
wooks - deres my mommies. Hay's deres mommys. I's sees yous bof. Wook
at mes - I's bigs and strongs and don't need the helmet that Mommy
Debi mades fo mes. I's O- Tays!"

KuddleFerret asked if they were ready to go to the party and off they
went to the Ball Room. Jerry Springer and Houdini opened the big
doors and announced "WELCOME FATTY". Fatty was so excited. He could
barely believe all that was happening. They danced the night away.

"O-tay wittle ones. I'ts times to goes to the CuddleShack" as
KuddleFeret leads the way. Once there, Fatty saw a new hammy that was
hung. Beside it was a special nite light ....... in the shape of the
helmet he wore for a few days. Fatty just smiled at it as he snuggled
into his hammy.

As he said his goodnights and prayers, KuddleFerret heard Fatty
saying, "I's has 2 mommys dat woves me sos muchs. Mommy Darcy and
Mommy Debi, I's saws yous two at de Misting Pond. Ys'lls don'ts wooks
sads fo mes pwease. If yous coulds sees mes nows, a normal wooking
fewert. Yous bof twied to dos tings fos mes and I's woves yous bof
sos much. Tank yous Mommy Deb for making my wittle hat. I's gots a
nite wight just wikes it heres. Tanks yous for woving me so muchs.
I's O-Tays nows. Oh yeah, can yous gives Badgers a hugs fo mes? I
woves yous." And with that, Kuddle Ferret heard Fatty snoring.

"Dood nite wittle ones. Tomorrows a nudder day to pway" KuddleFerret
whispered as she closed the door.

Good Night to everyone,
KuddleFerret Bridge Greeter






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