Fuzzy Loving Ferrets


Momma Cuddles


This is Momma Cuddles, she is the little girl who started it all. She became my 1st ferret in 12/96. We lost her just after her 4th birthday in 2000.

Me & Renae


      This is Renae and myself. Renae came to us when she was 4 1/2 years old  (6-98) because her owner was going to collage and the parrents didn't want the responsibility of taking care of her. She had a broken back that had healed but had trouble walking and getting around. We shoed showed Renae in October of "98" and she took 1st place in the costume class for being dressed up like an Angel. She also took 4th for Handicap and 8th for Silver. Sadly we lost Renae on March 6th, 1999, one week before my birthday.

      Renae taught us that every ferret deserves a second chance at life. Her courage and determination inspired us to start the Fuzzy Loving Ferret Rescue. We miss her so much and thanked her for opening our eyes to the need of more ferret rescues in our state. The memory of her in her Angel costume became a logo for the rescue as well as a tatoo on my arm.

Button Butt


Button Butt was my 1st Handicaped baby. He was brutalized by his mother shortly after he was born. As soon as I saw him, I know I had to have him. Button Butt was missing his tail and most of his hind foot. Sadly we lost him at the tender age of 15 weeks due to genetic health problem.



This is my special baby Yowler. Yowler was born without eyes and had neurological problems, where as his sister Nadia was born fine. We lost Yowler at the age of 15 1/2 weeks from a Grandmal Seizure. He is dearly missed.



Houdini came to our rescue at the age of 4 months from a dog pound. He was very calm & loving for a ferret of this age. We used to take him into public as he loved people. A child as young as 2 years had no problem holding him, he would just hang out like a stuffed toy. Unfortunatly we lost Houdini just after his 1st birthday from Juvinle Lymphoma. He was the best "PR" ferret rescue ever had, no other could or can hold a candle to him.


This is Jordan. Jordan had to have his eye removed due to Juvinle Lymphoma and we had started him on Chemo & Pred in hopes to save his life. I was heart broken when I lost him this year on October 12, the day before the Phillidelphia show as I was holding my sweet baby in my arms. He was my sweet baby boy and loved to play with our dogs & cats but his favorite toy was his pink ball. We will meet again my sweet baby boy. Here is a poem a friend wrote about Jordan after he passed. Thank you David, the poem means so much to me.

For Jordan, and all the babies
We came to you, or you came to us, no matter
what, we came together.
You gave us shelter, you gave us love, you
understood and we understood too.
We may be small , furry, and funny, but we also
have brains and feelings.
What I am feeling now is nothing but love for the
one who has given me nothing but love.
You taught me how to enjoy my short little life, told me
always that I am special.
You made me realize that for all of my faults, big or small,
that Im still capable of being loved.
Mommy or daddy, whichever is which, I wouldnt
be here today to say this, if it wasnt for you.
Every furkid should have what I have had, and
you have nothing to worry about.
You fed me, kept me warm or cool when it was too
hot or cold, made sure I had plenty of water to drink or play in,
we wont go into the bathtime thing here.
You took me to the nice man at the hospital place,
for getting me checked up.
Took time from a busy human life to think about me.
Mommy and daddy,  I never could talk, but dont think I never
wished I could because, if there was one thing I always wanted to say,
from the minute I first picked you out, I was totally in love with you.
I may nip or bite,
I might be a mushy kissy face type, Either way
no one tastes better than you.
You are the big weasel in the bunch,
and when it comes to that time
that Im walked to the bridge,
please walk with me
at least to the edge.
Watch me do myh dance, one more time.
We will all be waiting for you on the other side.
Love always
the babies.

Toah Light Skyy

This is my little "Toah Light Skyy". She died from injuries from an unforseen freak accident. Toah was olny 7 weeks old when she went to the brige. I never even got a chance to bring her home, but did get to spend the day with her the day before she left. My heart is still broken and I don't know if it will ever mend.


White Russian's Revenge

This is White Russian's Revenge aka Zini. Zini is one of my founding hobs for my breeding lines. He was my husband's boy and was lost to Insulinoma at the age of 4 years. Non of his decendents have had this illness so his leggacy will be carried on.   





This is Goliath who was a English Polecat cross that we adopted from a rescue in PA. Goliath was a gorgeous Dark Eyed White and proved it when we showed him as he never took less than a 3rd place. We lost Goliath at the age of 5 years from cancer.

Sub Zero


This s Sub Zero who was part of my Mortal Kombat line. Zero was a large albino boy and did well when we showed him. He was being adopted last year but we had to do emergency surgery on what we thought was a blockage. He had inflamed lymphnodes and was so sick that we decided the kindest thing to do was to let him go while he was sleeping. We lost him October 2005.


Balthazar was born a month after I lost Yowler. His aunt got a little carried away helping her mom Lady Dana clean up the babies when he was born. His tendon hin ghis ankle had been severed which caused him to run with an odd gate. I lost Bathazar December of 2005, one week before his 4th birthday while sleeping in my arms. An autopsy was done to find out what happened but but could not find any reason for his passing.


Oberon was a DEW with Pattern who's mom bit off the end of his tail. He was a big happy boy who loved to play and loved the lady ferrets. Unfortunatly he was a "Dud Stud" and never produced any litters. Two weeks after he recieved his Rabies shot, I noticed a large mass in his abdomen. Since this tumor was growing quickly, I decided to help him cross to the Rainbow Bridge.

Lui Kang


This is Lui Kang being a father to his one and only litter. He was the founder of my Mortal Kombat line. From the start of fatherhood, he helped his wife Lady Dana raise their kits. He was the best father I have ever had and it realy hurt when I lost him at the age of 5 years.


This is Kenyon aka Kenny who was a WHITE ALbino. Kenny was my V-Hob who never lost the chance to spend time with the lady ferrets. He was a true gentleman when they stayed in his cage. Kenny left for the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2005.


Chuckles came to us at the age of 4 years after being abandoned by her owner in the garage of the house he had moved out of. She is pictured here with the ribbons she won at her 1st and only show at the age of 9 years. When you tickled her tummy she would chuckle, hence her name. Sadly Chuckles left us on March 12, 2006, one day shy of my birthday. She was one of the oldest rescues we ever had passing at the age of 10 years.


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