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What to expect when wanting to adopt from us

Please understand this- I "DO NOT" sell any ferrets, I "ADOPT" them out and will be part of your & the ferret's life for the life of any ferret you adopt from me. Please do not think just because you have the money for adoption that you will definately get a ferret from me. First and formost, if you are a first time ferret owner, please understand that a privately bred kit will NOT be adopted to you. If you are aproved, I will only adopt one of our rescue ferrets to you. If once aproved and none of my rescues is a match, I will be happy to refer you to another rescue. If you live in another state not only will I refer you to another rescue first, but if you are a seasoned ferret owner looking for a privately bred kit, I will also refer you to someone closer first.

If you see a ferret or read of one you would like to adopt from us you can either call me at (908) 454-5723 or e-mail me at fuzzylovingferrets@yahoo.com

*Please be polite as the first couple of phone calls or the first few e-mails will be part of your interview.

*You will first be asked if you own the book "Ferrets For Dummies", there are 2 additions of this book. If you do not own it, you will be asked to purchase the book and read it and asked to recontact me after you have done so. You will also be asked if you currently own any ferrets and/or other pets and if you have children and their ages.

*The next thing that will happen will be a Q&A period. Please be honest and truthful so that we may be able to match the right ferret to the right owner.

*You may be asked to fill out an "Adoption Application" or you may be asked these questions on line in an e-mail. IF an aplication is sent to you, on this application there will be some of the same questions I have asked you previously. Make sure your vet information is filled out COMPLETELY, as this will be your only reference, and I DO call your vet to see what kind of a ferret/animal parent you are or will be.

*You will also be asked if you "Rent" or "Own" your home. If you rent, you "MUST" obtain a letter from your Landlord giving you permission to own and house a ferret where you live. This letter "MUST" contain your landlords NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER as I will also  be contacting them as well.

*Once APROVED for an adoption, I will then make arrangements to do a "Home Visit" to make sure your home is safe for one of my kids. If the accommadations are not up to my specs, I will let you know and ask you to make some changes. If you are too far for me to travel to your home, I will ask a representive of my choosing to do the "Home Visit" for me. After this has happened you will be invited to my home to meet the ferrets. You "MUST" have a kennel or cage with you to bring your new baby home if one is found to be compatable with you.

**You will be given an "Adoption Contract" to Read and Sign, this contract is the same for rescues & privately bred ferrets. If you are NOT 18 years or older you MUST have a parent or Legal Guardian with you to sign the contact.  PLEASE at this time read the contract carefully and if there is something you don't understand just let me know and I will explain the conditions to you. I'm basically looking out for the welfare and happiness of the ferrets and want to make sure that they will be well cared for and loved. I am strict as far as my contracts are concerned and expect them to be followed. PLEASE also remember that if you are adopting the ferret for your MINOR child, YOU are the person responsible to make sure the ferret is well cared for, such as food, water, clean bedding & cage & medical attention. DO NOT leave this up to your child to do as YOU are the one signing the contract. To many parents adopt ferrets for their children and when the child goes off to college, the parent doesn't want the responsibility of caring for their childs ferret(s). If this is your feeling, then a ferret is not the right pet for your child as they have been known to live into their teens. 

Adoption fees for my  Privately Home Bred Ferrets depend on lineage and color as well as championship status of the ferret's parents.

*If you live in New Jersey, PLEASE read the page on this website for NJF&W Permits.

*If you live in New Jersey and do not have a current permit, you will be given a permit packet with an application for a NJ F&W Hobbiest Permit to fill out and send in with your $10 check. You will also receive from me, a 20 day "TEMPORARY" Permit (Pink copy). If you need help filling out this application, I will gladly help you and will even send it in with your check for you. Then the NJ F&W will send you a "PERMINENT" Hobbiest Permit to your address which needs to be renewed every year.

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