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For ALL New Jersey Ferret Owners

First and formost, "IF" you live in New Jersey and you Purchased a ferret from a New Jersey Pet Shop "OR" a New Jersey Ferret Breeder "OR" a New Jersey Ferret Rescue/Shelter AND have not received a temporary "Hobbiest" permit (pink slip) "AND" have not been given the application booklet with the form and instructions to apply for your permanent "Hobbiest" permit from New Jersey Department of Fish & Wildlife in Trenton, NJ,.... PLEASE call NJ Department of F&W Permit Sector in Hampton, New Jersey at (908) 735-5450 and ask to speak to Linda or Jane and report the store, breeder or shelter/rescue who did not give you the proper paperwork. NJ Pet Shops who sell ferrets, Ferret Breeders and Ferret Rescues/Shelter are required by Law through NJ Department of F&W to fill out, sign and give a copy of the temporary permit (the pink slip) to every person we sell or adopt a ferret too. Failing to do so will result in a stiff fine to the sales person or adoptor for not giving out proper paperwork.

If you live in New Jersey, but purchased your ferret from out of state, you will not be given this paper work, but it is your responsibility to obtain the proper permit to own your ferret in this state.



I just wanted to let everyone know that the
"New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife" has thrown a new curve ball
to ALL the ferret rescues/shelters in New Jersey.

First, in case people didn't know, ALL of us ferret rescues/shelters
have to hold a NJF&W Pet Shop Permit in order to rescue and place
ferrets. This permit costs us $100 per year.

Now our permits have been amended.
We can only take in ferrets from New Jersey owners (this doesn't
pertain to out of state owners.) ONLY if they hold a current and up
to date NJF&W Exotic Hobbyist Permit otherwise if the rescue/shelter
takes a ferret in without this permit or a copy of it, the
rescue/shelter will get fined and may loose their permit to do rescue.

If the owner does not have this permit, they have to file an
application for one with the Dep. of NJF&W in Trenton, and once they
receive their permit, then WE (the ferret rescues/shelters) can
accept their ferrets into our rescues/shelters.

So this is to let ALL the New Jersey ferret owners out there
that "you" MUST have/hold a Exotic Hobbiest permit to legaly own
your ferrets in the state of NJ and it must be kept up to date. If
you purchase a ferret from a pet shop in New Jersey make sure they
give you a 20 day temporary permit (it's pink) and the application

A LEGAL NJ ferret rescue/shelter will give you these as well. If you
purchase or adopt your ferret from out of state, you still need to apply and
hold a current permit for your ferret.

To have an application sent to you for the NJF&W Exotic Hobbiest
permit, you can write to:

Division Of  Fish  & Wildlife
Exotic and Nongame Wildlife Permits
P.O. Box 430
Trenton, New Jersey

OR you can call and have an application sent to you by calling:
(609) 292-9591

Since everything is slowely being transfered to another office, you can contact the proper office for the information on the Hobbiest permit as well as the permit to be a legal and registed ferret rescue in NJ at:

State of New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife Office of Permit Management Exotic & Nongame Wildlife

26 Route 173 West, Hampton, New Jersey 08827

Phone number is: (908) 735-5450 and their Fax number is: (908) 735-5689

The fee for this permit is only $10 per year for the Exotic Hobbiest
Permit no matter how many ferrets ( Sugar Gliders, European
Hedgehogs, as well as some other mammals, and some species of
reptiles, you also need this permit).
The permit to be a rescue is $100 a year and you will be inspected before you are aproved.

The application asks basic questions such as to the type of housing,
food, where you acquired the animal(s) from and your vet information.

If you also own birds that need a permit as well as the animals, then
 the Hobbiest permit fee is $20 per year.

If you are caught with these animals and do not possess a current
permitm Hobbiest, permit to be a rescue, etc. and refuse to comply with                                                                                                 NJ F&W state law, the fines can cost you anywhere from "$500 to $5000 PER

"PLEASE", get your permit to help us so "WE" can help "YOU" if the
time should ever arise.

If you purchase an animal from a NJ Pet Shop or NJ Animal Specific
rescue/shelter or even a NJ Private Breeder, and DO NOT receive the
20 day temporary permit (Pink Slip) along with an application packet,
PLEASE contact the Dep. of NJF&W at the above address and/or phone
number and report them. You will not be the one who will get into
trouble, these places will.

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