Fuzzy Loving Ferrets


Little Ferrets Prayer

Little Ferrets prayer
"I'll lend you, for a little while, these ferrets of mine," He said.

"For you to love while they live, and mourn when they are dead.

It may be six or seven years, or maybe twenty-three,

But will you, till I call them back, take care of them for Me?

They'll bring their charms to gladden you, and shall their stay be brief,

You'll have their lovely memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise they will stay, as all from earth return,

But there are lessons taught down there I want these ferrets to learn.

I've looked the whole world over in my search for teachers true,

And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes, I have selected you.

Now will you give them all your love, not think this labor vain,

Nor hate Me when I come to call, to take them back again."

I fancied that I heard them say, "Dear Lord, Thy will be done."

For all the joy these ferrets shall bring, the risk of grief we'll run.

We'll shower them with tenderness and love while we may,

And for the happiness we've known, forever grateful stay.

And should the angels call for them much sooner than we planned,

We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand."
(Revised by me-DJS)

To My Dark Angel

               Dark Angel 5-6-06 to 9-9-09
You left a gift for me.
You left a joyful love.
You left it in my heart.
And it shines up above.
You left me memories.
Some are nice, some are sad.
You left me much laughter.
From all the fun we had.
You left your warm essence.
I can smell it nearby.
You left your sweet kisses.
I feel their touch and sigh.
You left my heart tattered,
From a love I thought gone.
You will be my heart shine.
Anew with every dawn.
Sent to me for my Dark Angel written by
Sandy and the Dook City Gang
Love sees not with the eyes, but with the heart.
"Dark Angel's Bridge Greeting"
The weather had turned a little cool for September at the Bridge, and
No. 421 was gathering up the last of his garden. This gardening stuff
was hot work, and he was thinking about a glass of iced ferretone tea
when Oliver came trotting up the path.

"Hello there," Oliver shouted. "What cha' doin'?" he said. "I has a
new ticket here and I am on my way to the Meadow of Dreams to see if
I can find this fuzzys family."

No. 421 took the ticket. "Oh yes, I know who they are, they are in the
castle mound down by the steam," No. 421 said. "They would have nothing
less for Queen Victoria and Lady Dana. I think Jonny Cage, Grandpa
Raiden, and great grandpa Lui Kang are also there. They is Royalty,
so mind your manners, and they sort of keep to themselves."

No. 421 looked again at the ticket. "Dark Angel is coming, well, you go
alert the family and I will shower and meet you at the bridge," No. 421

Oliver took a handful of raisins that No 421 had just picked and
trotted off to do his duty. No. 421 watched him go. "That boy, he is
always hungry," No. 421 said. "Seems like I just can't fill him up."

No. 421 was just slicking his hair down when he heard a coach rattling
up the hill. Six big rats, all matched in color, were pulling a gold
and purple coach up to the bridge. As the coach rumbled past, Oliver
was hanging on the back for dear life. He waved to No. 421 as they
disappeared in a mist of cloud dust.

No. 421 had to trot up to the bridge and arrived just as Lady Dana was
being helped down from the coach. The little welcoming party was
standing by the bridge when they noticed a small figure standing on
the other side.

No. 421 was in his chair and waved to the new comer. "Hello, would you
be Dark Angel," No. 421 said.

"Yes I am," the little girl ferret said. "Where am I? I was not feeling
very good and I was waiting for my Mom to hold me. I knew I'd feel
better if I was with her. I went to sleep in her arms, warm and safe,
and then I woke up here. Where am I?"

"You are at the Rainbow Bridge," No. 421 said. "Here you will feel good
every day, and we have some family members for you to meet."

Dark Angel was about to cry when she saw a big ferret looking at her.
"Dad, is that you?" she said. "Oh Dad, I've missed you so. And Grandma
and grandpa, oh great grandpa and Lady Dana, oh how I've missed you

The ferrets dooked and dooked and hugged each other. Dark Angel went
over to No. 421 and thanked him for finding her family.

"Well, the thanks goes to Oliver," No. 421 said. "Oliver? Oliver, where
are you?"

Oliver was nowhere to be seen. No. 421 was looking around the area when
he saw a big puffball. It seemed to be sitting on a stump. It was gray
in color and, was that a tail? No. 421 looked again.

"Oliver, what are you doing in that "get-up" No. 421 said? "Come over
here and meet Dark Angel."

The puffball got up and began to shake. Cloud dust flew everywhere. "Do
you know how dusty it is riding on the back of the carriage?" Oliver
said. "Dook, what a ride."

Dark Angel walked over to Oliver and took his dusty paw. "Thank you for
finding my family for me," she said. "Please send a message to my Mom
that I arrived safely and found my family. I'll wait here for her till
she comes and keep grandma and grandpa company." Then, without warning,
she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Oliver on the cheek.

Oliver was glad he was dusty so she would not see him blush.

The happy family boarded the coach, and the team turned the coach
around and dashed off into the clouds. Oliver and No. 421 watched
it go.

"That's what makes the misty trail of dust you sometimes see around the
edges of the big puffy clouds," No. 421 said. "It is the Royal Coach
out for a ride. The dust kicked up by the team leaves a trail of white
in the sky. I always wondered why that happened, now I know."

Oliver was still in a state of shock; he had never been kissed before.

No. 421 took him by the paw, and the two friends went back to No. 421's
cabin where No. 421 put Oliver in the shower and the pot on to boil. He
was sure Oliver would want dinner.

While the raisin soup simmered, he wrote in his logbook, Mission
accomplished, Dark Angel is going to the castle with her family, her
Mom Debi, when she sees a misty trail in the sky by the big puffy
clouds, will know her fur family is well and just out for a ride.

He placed the book back on the shelf, turned down the guest room bed,
and set the table for supper.

Jerrey Springer


I just lost Jerry Springer on May 12th 2007 at almost 11years of age. Jerry came to me about 2 years ago from my friend's shelter because all of his oldster friends had passed and she knew I had oldster ferrets in my home. As time when by he lost his new friends one at a time finally living with Banchie & Woolie.

Jerry was diagnosed with Dialated Cardiomyopathy 2 weeks prior to his passing. We are heartbroken from his passing. He was sleeping with me on my couch and had left me about 3am. He was a great lovable gentle man and we are looking forward to when we meet him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

In Loving Memory


"Jerry Springer"                   

The Spirit of The Rainbow Bridge saw,
that "Jerry Springer" was getting tired.
And a cure was not to be.
So the spirit whispered to him and said,
"Come cross over the Rainbow Bridge with Me".
A golden heart stopped beating,
A determined "Jerry Springer" was at rest.
The Spirit of The Rainbow Bridge,
Broke our hearts to prove to us.
He only takes the very "Best".
With lots of Michigan love
From the bottom of
Our sad little 
Michigan hearts.
The Michigan "8"
Ausi, Axel,
George, Stella,
Sassy Sasha
SaraFerret greets Jerry Springer, beloved fur-son of Mommy Debi, at de Bridge
Hi all, dis is SaraFerret.  Today is a beautiful day at de Rainbow Bridge unlike yesterday which was rather snowy.  Snow you might ask?  Yes, ooccasionally it snows here, thats so de ferrets can experience snow surfing and nosing thru a bit of de white stuff.  It wasnt cold and it melts real quick.  None of it stayed.  For dose of who didnt care for it well dey just went to play in de warm side and went to play in de water or mudslide, etc. or just plain stayed home and played cards.
But back to de entrance, I have a note dat someone is about to arrive.  And here he comes.  Wowsie, a rather large white ferret is coming across and he is having a time of it.  Poor soul, I am gonna have to help him and off I go-he is wandering back and forth--I meet him half way and introduce myself to him, saying Hi I am SaraFerret, the bridge greeter.  He reaches out his paw and says, Thank you young lady for your help, you see, I am deaf and blind.  I was once pretty agile in spite of it all, but dat lymphoma just drag me down.
Well, I says, let me help you on across, to de rest of de bridge, and we can chat about it all.  When we gets dere, he starts talking.
And he suddenly remembers himself.  Oops, he says apologetically, I forgots to introduce myself, I am Jerry Springer, and I belongs to Mommy Debi and Daddy Keith.  I had a great life dere living wit de old guys and just playing wit dem but when I gots sick it just wents bye-bye.  Hey wait a minute.  I can hear you and I can see you.  Whats going on?
I tells him,  Isnt it just amazing?  The Bridge is a place of miracles.  The blind can see and the deaf can hear.  Jerry just looks at me in disbelief and says, well why cant I just go back home and show Mommy and Daddy just how good I look now.  Well, Jerry, I says, Dere's a problem with dat, once you get here, you dont gos back except in your Mommy's dreams.  Dere are a few exceptions wit de bridge greeters and de misting ponds, but otherwise, no ways.  However in de long distant future you will see your mommys and daddys when de will cross de bridge and you will see dem den.
Okay, Jerry says with a tear running down de corner of his eye, if you says dat is is, den dat is it.  Den Jerry looks at me and says, whats wit dose wings on your back?  Oh, I says, you like dose?  He says. well dey are different.  I looks at him and says, Jerry, you are gonna get a set of wings and a halo, also.  WINGS?  WINGS?  He asks.  Yep, WINGS!, I replies.  Whatever for, he says.  Well, Jerry, you dont expects to walk around de bridge do you--it is rather hard to zip around from cloud to cloud by walking--most of us get around by flying.
Jerry looks at me again,  Oh, I get your drift, he says, now I understand de wings idea, its not just some sissy girl ting.  No, I says, its not just some sissy girl ting, its kinda important.  So since we have gotten de wing ting together now we decide to go off to de wing place to choose de set of wings most fitted for Jerry.
Okay when we get dere, dere is  a big box on de counter marked wit de name Jerry Springer.  Jerry walks towards it and opens it.  What color of wings are in it.  Will he like dem.  Hmmmm!  Yes!  He loves dem.  He lovingly picks dem out and holds dem up in his big paws.
Dey are bright green.  His favorite color.  He didnt even know he had a favorite color, since he couldnt see, but in his mind's eye his favorite color was gree, a neon green.  Oh boy, dose are bright, dey will be able to see Jerry at night.  I offer to help Jerry get his wings adjusted and have to get a stepstool since he is a large ferret.  And I get his halo on.  And he spots de mirror and heads for it.  For de first time, he is able to see himself.  He just stands dere.  He looks and looks and turns and looks again.  He is not being vain.  He is just being amazed.  He is actually seeing what a ferret actually looks like.
After all of dis, we leave de wing house, and who should meet us, but some of his friends who have departed before him, White Russian's Revenge, Chance, Lady Bug, Shade of Night, and Butterscotch.  They all shout "SURPRIZE!"  Dey have arranged for a welcome home party and wardance tonite.  And of course he will live at dere cottage.  I am invited, but alas, bridge duties await and I cant go.
But wait, Jerry Springer, has one last word for his Mommy and Daddy, He sends Hugs and Kisses to dem and thanks to dem for all de hugs and kisses and love dey gave to him while he was with dem on earth and he knows dey will be together one day long distant at de bridge

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