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FLF's Mulan

         Mulan like her mother Angelic Star is also a miracle baby. Mulan was delivered still born. I cleaned her up, shook her down to clear her lungs and did chest compressions & mouth to snout to revive her. It was touch and go the first 2 days but as you can see she has become a beautiful little girl. When I moved her mom and siblings into a larger cage her mother wasn't happy. She would pick Mulan up trying to get out of the cage but was smacking Mulan's face on the cage wire. As a result which we didn't notice till this picture was taken, Mulan's face had been fractured and as a result her muzzle is crooked.

Mulan's dad is FLF's Magick Thunder and is cousin to Dastan, Little Eclipse & Archie on my hob page. She is a ball of energy and gets into trouble just like her mother Angie. She looks like she is a Red Sable Siamese. Her human daddy is my BF Chuck and when she was little they would sleep together on the couch. Mulan has become spoiled which is ok as her life started rough but is doing quite well now.

Mulan is Russian, Germanm Swedish, Canadian, NZ, Aussie & Canadian Angora.

DF's Ciel Noir of FLF (1/2 French)



This is Ciel Noir my newest kit who is a "BLACK" Sable Self/Solid. Ciel is 1/2 French, Danish, English, Swedish, Australian, German & New Zealand. Her mother is AF's May of DF, a French import and her dad is DF's Total Eclipse who is a Black Sable of German/Enlgish/NZ/Australian decent. Ciel is one of the blackest Black Sables I have ever seen with a bluish undercoat & I'm looking very forward to showing her in the near future and she is a very welcome addition to my breeding program. She has great confirmation as well as temperament & personality which I hope she will hand down to her future litters. She had gone through a minor coat change and lightened up a bit but now that her new coat is coming in, she is blacker than she was before.

{{{{Sadly Ciel past away in April of 2014 and is greatly missed but her memory lives in in her 2 sons and 3 daughters}}}}

DF's Blue Viel of FLF

Blue Viel is just that, she looks like a light silver stripe but her guard hairs are actually a blue and has blue eyes. She is 3/4 French.

FLF's Yrsa

 This is FLF's Yrsa who was born June 2009. Yrsa is a beautiful chocolate Fine Point with a Bulldog body style already weighing in at over 2 pounds. She is of Canadian Angora,German & NZ decent. The older she becomes the more pointed out she gets and the more red hightlights to her guard hairs show up.

FLF's Canadian Midnight Magick


Midnight at the age of 3 weeks was a Blue Black Sable. As she has gotten older she has lightened up some but is still considered a Black Sable as her guard hairs are actually Black. Midnight is a 1/4 German & part Canadian Angora. She is the daughter of DF's Canadian Dawn of FLF and FLF's Manny who's dad CF's Diablo of FLF was from Chaotic Ferrets. She was shown in the LOS Spring show of March 2008 and won 2nd in Kit which was great as she is an About Perfect as she is missing a toe due to her brother. I am hoping to breed her this year or next year to one of my hobs who also has Black Sable in the back ground. Midnight Magick now 2yrs, is a Black Point with a white undercoat and beautiful long plush fur. Her mom and dad have a strong black gene pool so we are hoping in the near future to get black sable kits.

At the 2009 LOSN Championship March show, Midnight took 8th in Sable, 4th in Handicap/About Perfect, 4th in Fine Point/Siamese and 4th in Breeder Female.

{{{{Sadly Midnight passed away in the spring of 2014}}}}

Mystic Fire of FLF


This is Mystic Fire of FLF. As she grew, Mystic became a very pretty Sable Siamese & shows off a beautiful "Bulldog" body style which at first glance people mistake her as being a hob. Mystic is German, Swedish, Russian, Australian & New Zealand. Mystic was shown at the Last Chance Ferret show in October 2006 for the first time and took a 3rd in the Sable class and a 3rd in the Green Card Class. At the 2009 LOSN Championship Reading show, Mystic took 10th in Judge's Cup, 10th in Nobility, 5th in Breeder Female, 3rd in Sable and 2nd in Black Sable. 

Mystic has matured very nicely and actually looks like a small hob. So far she has produced one litter giving me 2 hob, Iurick who I'm keeping and Atreu who is available.

We are hoping to have a bright show career for her in the future.


Due to an unforseen infection, Mystic Fire was spayed on September 24th 2009. While she was pregnant, she developed Pyrometra. I thought I had lost all the kits she was carrying. To my suprise there was one kit spared by the infection, Angelic Star was born by C-section on 9-24-09. Here are pics of mother and daughter. "Angie" is clearly a "Miracle" kit. She is 6wks old in these pics.

{{{{Mystic sadly passed away in the summer of 2013}}}



FLF's Angelic Star

 This is my miracle baby Angelic Star born by C-section. She is pictured with her mom Mystic Fire in the paragraph above. "Angie" is of Russian, Swedish, NZ, Australian, German & Canadian decent. She is also 6th generation White Russian. Angie became a mom April 11th & 12th. Her son Chip was born on 4/11/12 and the rest of the kits were born 4/12/12, 8 kits in all, 2 boys & 6 girls. Minx (boy) has already been placed with a friend and some of the girls are available.
{{{{My miracle baby passed away March 6th 2015, one week before my 55th birthday. My heart is so broken as the bond between Angie and was so strong. She will forever be dearly missed.}}}}

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