Fuzzy Loving Ferrets


FLF's Little Eclipse


This is Little Eclipes   

Little Eclipse is mostly French/Danish Black self who is also part Angora but may possibly be full Angora as his nose and coat is different from any other kits I have produced in the past. Little Eclipse has Olive Green eyes. He was born April 11th/12th 2012 and is out of a litter of 7 kits, 4 boys & 3 girls.

His grandmother is a French import. He has a great personallities and is very playfull. He loves playing and sleeping with his sisters as well as with his much bigger bother Archie who is a Tuxedo. Little Eclips was named after his Grandfather DF's Total Eclipse who always produced black jills but never a black hob. Their mother is DF's Ciel Nior of FLF (who is also a Black Self) & thier  dad is FLF's Magick Rain who is also part Angora and a Black Siamese. I'm looking forward to breeding him in the future and hope to produce Black Sables & Black Selves. He is 1/4 French/Danish, Canadian Angora, German, English, NZ, Canadian &Aussie.

LE passed in 2016 and will be dearly missed. <3

FLF's Magick Rain & Magick Thunder

 This is Magick Rain. He is a 3/4 Canadian Angora Black Siamese. He has a bulldog body style and long hairs on his feet and his coat is longer than a normal ferret. He is the daddy of Archie, Dastan & Little Eclipes.

 This is Magick Thunder, full brother to Magick Rain. Thunder is also part Canadian Angora, has a bulldog body type and is a Red Chocolate. Both boys were born 9/9/11. Thunder is aso Mulan's daddy.

Rain & Thunder both passed away in 2015 and will be dearly missed.

FLF's Gandalph aka Turtle

 This is Gandalph aka Turtle who was born 9-1-09. He is part of my Magick line with his mom being FLF's Midnght Magick & his dad is Mr. Sable of FLF. Turtle is a chocolate tuxedo with medium blue eyes and is of Canadian Angora, NZ, Swedish, German & Australian decent.  He is the father Of FLF's Magick Thunder & FLF's Magick Rain.
Turtle passed away in 2016 and is dearly missed.

FLF's Trey

This is Trey, he was born May 6th, 2006. His mom is BD's Little Miss Miracle of FLF & FLF's Jonny Cage and is of Austalian, New Zealand, English & German decent. Trey is a very handsome Black Haired Sable Siamese that is handicapped due to his mother's over zealous cleaning when he was born. Trey is completely missing his left hind foot and most of his tail. He has no trouble keeping up with his brother Scorpion.

By the time he was  6 months old he won 2 trophies for Handicap, a 2nd placement for Handicap, a 1st & 2nd placement  for Green Card. This was a big achievement for a young ferret. To date, Trey has won many top 5 placements and is close to pointing out and retiring from the show ring. He is from my Lady Dana & Mortal Kombat line and has a bulldog body style. His personality is very sweet and loves to cuddle and gives kisses.

Trey was bred to DF's Savannah Skyy and became a daddy in August of this year (2007) to a son (Gorro) & daughter (Flowering Skyy).

At the LOSN Championship March show 2009, Trey took 9th in Judges Cup, 7th in Nobility, 5th in Handicap/About Perfect, 4th in Royalty and 1st in Fine Point/Siamese.

Trey passsed away in the fall of 2012 and is very missed.

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