Fuzzy Loving Ferrets


cost and what to expect

I do ferret sitting from time to time. If you would like me to ferret sit Please contact me by either calling me at (908) 454-5723 or via email fuzzylovingferrets@yahoo.com and put "Ferret Sitting" in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete it..
I require a contract to be signed and at least half the sitting fee upfront. I charge $12 per day for the 1st ferret and $7 per day for each additional ferret. 
You must show proof that your ferret is up to date on vaccinations for them to be brought into my home. 
Your ferret(s) will be in a separate room from my personals. 
You must supply your own ferrets food and bring bottles of water from your home as no two towns have the same water. If you want to bring your own bedding and toys that is fine and I will supply the cage.
 Nails will get clipped and teeth & ears will cleaned while under my care at no extra charge. 
At the time you pick up your ferret, the sitting fee must be paid in full to have your ferret(s) returned to you.
 Any medical bills incurred while your ferrets are in my care will also be expected to be paid at that time.

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