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Bean Bag Pillows

This is my Chuhaua Autumn sitting on the Large Bean Bag Pillow to give you an idea of how big it is. The LARGE Bean Bag Pillows measure 14 inches across.

This is a picture of the LARGE Bean Bag Pillow (on the left)  compaired to the MEDIUM Bean Bag Pillow (on the right). The MEDIUM Bean Bag Pillows measure 11 inches across.

The top of these pillows are made from soft Polar Fleese with Polycotton bottoms and are double stitched. They are filled with a poly-plastic pellets and are machine washable on the gentle cycle. I have them in many colors and patterns.

Medium Bean Bag Pillows are $20 each plus S&H and the Large Bean bag Pillows are $25 each plus S&H.

I accept Money Orders & Personal Checks, BUT if your personal check bounces there is a "$50" return check fee charge.


I now have jewelry for sale to help offset our bills for the rescue. I've made bracelets, necklaces, earings and phone cell charms. The themes are HEARTS, STARS, ANGELS, FERRETS and RATS/MICE, the jewelry is made from semi precious stones, heart, star and/or 4mm & 6mm high quality Cats Eye Beads.

Here a list of colors of the Cats Eye beads I have to work with:

White, Gray, Black, Light Pink, Pink, Dark Pink, Yellow, Dark Yellow, Peach, Orange, Dark Orange, Brown, Dark Brown, Mint Green, Olive Green, Green, Forest Green, Turquois Blue, Aqua Blue/Teal, Blueberry Blue, Blue, Royal Blue, Lavender, Dark Purple.

 I also will have Paw Print charms, Angel charms, Butterfly charms, Semi precious Heart charms, Ferret and some Mouse charms. Prices will vary depending on what I use but no bracelet will be over $30 each. I also have bracelet/earing sets as well as neckace/earing sets and a couple of FULL sets consisting of a necklace, bracelet and matching earings.

  This is my special friend Mike's daughter Jessica Strouse all dressed up for the prom wearing her custom made nacklace I made for her. The necklace was made with metalic red beads, filgree silver spacer tubes and a white quartz heart with a togle clasp. She is wearing drop puffed heart earings with red metalic beads and round figree silver beads. Her bracelet was also made with the same red metalic beads, filgree silver round spacer beads with the same togle clasp as her necklace.

  Here is Jessica wearing all 3 pieces I made for her with her prom gown and with her boyfriend Doug. I can make jewelry to match that special dress for almost any occasion. If you have something in particular you want me to make for you, all you have to do is request it. If I don't have the particular suplies, I will try to get them or just let me design something for you.

I also have Cancer Awareness Bracelets which are only be $10 each, and Autism Awareness bracelets, $10-$15 each..

Here are the colors for each type of cancer:

Forest Green (Renal/Kidney)

Dark Brown (Colo-rectal & Anti Tobacco)

Purple (Pancreatic)

Orange (Leukemia)

Powder Blue (Thyroid & Prostate)

Royal Blue (Prostate)

Mint Green (Liver, Lymphoma & transplant)

Lavender (ALL cancer survivors & general cancer awareness)

Yellow (Bladder)

Black (Melanoma)

White (Cerival, Bone & Retinoplastoma)  

Grey (Brain)

Pink (Brest)

Teal/Aqua (Ovarian)

Peach (Uterine)

The bracelets can be custom made to order so eveyone can be different according to your taste. I make these bracelet as stretch bracelets so everyone can wear them. Most bracelets are made 8" in diameter but some are also 7 1/2" in diameter.


I have many types of Bracelets ( mostlly Hearts & Butterflies), Earings (Hearts, Butterflies, Flowers & Stars) and some necklaces already made up and ready to sell, no two are exactly alike. I also have FERRET & Paw Print jewelry.


TOP row from left to right: Pink & Light Brown cats eye beads matching colored Agate Heart; Godstone & Dark Brown cats eye beads with a Jasper Heart with simuar colors; Light Brown & Olive cats eye beads with matching colored Agate Heart; Light Brown cats eye beads with a Carnelian Heart; Peach & Gray cats eye beads with matching Agate Heart.

MIDDLE row: Blue & Light Powder Blue cats eye beads with a matching Blue Heart stone; Black & Gray cats eye beads with a dark Gray Jasper Heart; White & Yellow cats eye beads with a White & Yellow marbled Heart stone; Olive cats eye beads with a Olive Jade Heart; Green & Mint Green cats eye beads with a Medium Green Heart stone.

BOTTOM row: Light Mint Green & White cats eye beads with a pale Green Jade Heart: Unkite stone  (green/pink/peach) & Olive Green cats eye beads with a Green Jade Heart.

These bracelets ALL have silver spacers and are  ALL are $20 each except the bracelet and earing set which is $25.

 This is a Tigers Eye Heart with dark brown cats eye beads, yellow crystals and silver spacers and is $20.

 This necklace is made with a Carneian Heart, light brown cats eye beads and amber colored beads and is $20.

 This is an Amethyst heart necklace with purple & lavender cats eye beads and silver spacers and is $20.

 This necklace is made with a Carnelian Heart with large Agate beads & silver and amber colored beads and is $30.

 This necklace is made with a Turquiose Heart and Turquiose & Blue cats & Hemetite beads with silver spacers and is $25.

 This Ferret bracelet & earing set is made with Pink & Lavender cats eye beads and is $25 for the set.

 This Ferret bracelet & earing set is made with Blueberry & Powder Blue cats eye beads and is $25 for the set.

 This Ferret bracelet is made with Green & Mint Green cats eye beads and is $20.

 This Ferret bracelet & earing set is made with Mint Green & Turquiose cats eye beads and silver spacers and is $25 for the set.

 This Ferret Bracelet & earing set is made with Goldstone beads & Pink Agate stars and is $30 for the set.

 This Ferret bracelet ans earing set is made from Yellow Jade, Yellow & Black cats eye beads and is $25 for the set.

 This Ferret bracelet & earing set is made with Purple & Green cats eye beads & silver spacers and is $25 for the set.

 These Ferret earings starting from the TOP Left is Red Jasper Heart/Blue Goldstone Heart & White cats eye beads, TOP right is Blue Goldstone Heart and Mother of Pearl Stars. BOTTOM Left is White Lip Shell & Sliver beads. BOTTOM Right is Jade Hearts & Mint Green cats eye beads. These earings are $15 for each set.


Again, I except personal checks and Money Orders and please understand IF you PC or MO bounces, there is a $50 bounced check fee.




Ferret Wheels-wheelchairs

ow's the home life?

These are made by Donna Stickrod's husband & son. As yu can see there are two different wheel styles. If interested please contact Donna at yellowrock60@yahoo.com


This is my friend Sue's Timmy in his wheelchair with the big wheels.

 This my Ciena in her chair.

Hand made Ferret Cadles

Hand made ferret candles amde to order by Sandy Russell- atropos@wi.rr.com


Cute Hand Made Stuffed Ferrets

I have personally bought four of these for my collection, the Black Self, the Champagne, the Albino and the Dark Eyed White. I was very impressed with Natalie's work and have decided to show what they look like and add her website to my cottage product page. These were made and are for sale by Natalie Fontane. Here website adress is www.scrivenerstreat.com  and these stuffed ferrets start at $15 and go up.

Stote Cell Phone Charms from Japan


  I have "1" Light or Lime Green


   I have "1" Yellow.

 I have "2" Green, one is lighter than the other.

These cell phone straps are $10 each plus $5 for S&H.

Dry Bath Bag Kits

((Currently OUT OF STOCK)) This is the bag for my "Dry Bath Bag Kit". Each bag is made out of Polar Fleese and has a bright pink cord with a cord stop for closing the bag. The ingredient inside the bag is a special type of bran that is only found by me. This system works well when the bran (while left inside this special bag) is heated up in the microwave. This special bran will clean excess body oil and loose dirt from your ferrets coat while leaving the coat soft, clean and naturaly fresh smelling without using chemicals and prservitives. Instructions on how to use this system will come with each kit. (This item is registered.)

I have a wide variety of patterns & colors and each kit costs $15 plus S&H.

I except Money Orders & Personal Checks, BUT if your personal check bounces there is a "$50" return check fee charge.

Magnets & Zipper Pulls

I have 5 "I Love My Ferrets" magnets & 8  Rescue ribbon magnet with multi colored paw prints on it.

They are $10 each plus S& H.

I also 4 have "I Love My Ferret" zipper pulls which are $8 each plus S & H.

The Ferret Tower Of Fun

The Ferret Tower of Fun!

Your furkids will spend hours frolicking and chasing one another in this 36” tall tower of fun.   Sturdy construction with aluminum base – can be made with regular or heavy duty tubes – your choice!  Helps build better muscle tone.   The strong base keeps the tower upright no matter how many weasels are in it.

For more information, to order or to inquire about shipping rates for your very own Ferret Tower of Fun, contact Cindy Scheidt at ScheidtC@aol.com

$115 for tower with heavy duty opaque 25 ft. tube, plus shipping and insurance.

The Ferret Tower of Fun will be shipped to you completely assembled. 

Just open the box,  remove the A"mase"ing Tower and ADD YOUR FERRETS!!!!!!!!
Picture shown below depicts a 25 ft opaque heavy duty tube, providing a slide segment and longer entrance/exit runs. Another option is to use that length for another loop around the tower eliminating the slide section. ( less strenuous for older ferrets )  
*****For EVERY order placed with the person selling this item (SceidtC@aol.com ) they will donate "$5" to MY rescue.*****

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